Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Memory in Dota 2 Final Batlle Pass Boston Major

Valve strategy to ensure the e-Sports scene that is healthy for their flagship competitive game - DOTA 2 seems to be working. No longer just rely on The International as a major tournament is pursued every year, they began to divide it into several large level tournament called "The Major". And this time, the heat of competition brought to US soil again through Boston Major. Battle to be interesting because he became a proving ground for some of the new teams and the giants are now filled with a different roster. And for the umpteenth time, OG is the dominator for events like this.

Having managed to subdue two events of the previous Major - Frankfurt and Manila, OG again become a champion for the Boston Major in 2016 and is entitled to the main prize - USD 1,000,000. They managed to subdue Ad Finem 3-1 with the final round super fantastic, even enough to make fans of DOTA 2 wherever standing on their seats, especially in the third game. The final round is not only made a lot of personality DOTA 2 immediately reacted on Twitter, but also IceFrog "down the mountain" to convey congratulations.

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